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He's a Saint

Hello and welcome new friends on my adventure into the author-verse!

My name is Sarah Jaeger. I'm like most other millennial: just living my best life and not trying to cry thinking about how the nostalgia of our childhood is ever changing. Oh, hm let's save that for another time.

What does being an author have to do with my husband being a saint? Well, he's not actually a saint, I apparently cannot canonize someone simply because they put up with my whims for adventure which are quickly followed by a need to stay home and binge watch whatever's on Netflix and trending. (Uh, hello Wednesday anyone?!)

I digress. My husband, Mike (Mr. Jaeger if you will) , picked up the hobby of gold prospecting about two years ago. My life was run by water levels, how much rain we've gotten and if the trout are running. I know more about gold panning than I ever thought one could know without ever having done it before. (If there's a character in my future that gold pans in a future book... you saw it here first and know why.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm kinda outdoorsy. That is to say if there's a good breeze so there aren't any bugs, it's warm but not too hot, and there's a bathroom with running water nearby I'm having a great time. I don't even need wifi I can entertain myself just fine. I can read anywhere after all.

But, creation, doing something and having something to show for what you've done has always been a goal in life. I started writing The Ardelean Bloodline as a child. Obviously, there have been massive changes to the story since then. (I love you all but no one wants to see what 14 year old Sarah thought was a good plot) But some of the main themes have remained the same.

I write what I know: challenges being yourself, anxiety, depression, societal expectation, familial expectations, family members with addiction issues. It's real life ... but I've set it in a very fantastical world. (Now do you see why I say he's a saint, imagine marrying all that drama.)

You'll find that The Ardelean Bloodline is going to embrace all of these things and I hope that you're ready to join me as I show you a long amount of work (much of it which has been done sitting on a river bank while I pretend to listen about water levels).

I look forward to the journey friend, please subscribe to my email list for future updates including when I'm accepting ARC team applicants, cover reveals, and other exciting author things. I won't sell your email and I won't inundate your inbox but I'll stay in touch. Who doesn't like a happy email to open now and again?

Take care, and be kind to each other,



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