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The Ardelean Bloodline


Following my dreams was supposed to be my way out,

Sometimes, what doesn’t save you, kills you after all…



Apparently ignoring my parents’ politics wasn’t the right move. Shifters were outed to the public, and months later, I’m still unsure what the big deal is about.


Now my life is in danger and the only one who can protect me is the true king of the wolves.


Cade is nothing like what my mom and the press show shifters to be. He’s thoughtful, reserved… and have you seen his butt in those jeans?



Having abdicated the throne, I’ve vowed to stay out of shifter politics.


Now, my sole responsibility, for the next six weeks, is to make sure no idiots can completely derail the deal I’ve cut with the one woman holding all the cards.


The problem is… the threats against Thalia Clark are nothing compared to the danger of my wolf, now that he’s claimed this human as his. 


I’ll kill to protect my mate, but is keeping up my end of the deal enough to save her?

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